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Sedona was born at 11:10 on June 14, 2007 at Joint Venture Farm. Sedona stood without many tries, but Scarlet Breeze being a maiden mare, was hesitant for him to nurse. With a little bit of encouragement Breeze figured out what needed to be done and at that moment she became a wonderful mother to Sedona!

As I am writing this our own first born Trakehner colt is approaching his yearling stages. He is almost as tall as his baby sitting, thirty year old Thoroughbred, Abba, who was over 16 hands. Sometimes Sedona resembles his dam, Scarlett Breeze and at other times he resembles his sire, Kosake. He possesses the extreme athleticism of his Thoroughbred dam and the majestic gaits of his Trakehner sire.

At this time Sedona is learning how to be a horse from his Thoroughbred and Paint babysitters, Abba and Blue. Sedona is giving back to Abba what Abba used to do to our other horses throughout the years. Abba would torment the other horses by removing their halters and fly masks. Now the tables have turned and Sedona is doing the same tricks to Abba who comes back into the barn without his fly mask and his halter hung over one ear. Abba tolerates Sedona leaping into him and onto him with an occasional act of discipline. Thank goodness Sedona has such patient babysitters!

Sedona’s page will be updated as he grows into a Trakehner stallion!

Ruthanne Gardner. Owner/Operator
Joint Venture Farm
10671 North SR 53
Madison, FL 32340


    Baby Sedona stays close by his mother's side as a young colt above

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